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Samuel Pipim, Ph.D.,

  lectures in courses on Christian ethics and theology on several university campuses around the world. He is a provocative author. He has authored and co-authored more than a dozen books, three of which are best-sellers. His book Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions has been a blessing to thousands. As an inspirational speaker, Dr. Pipim presents Bible truths in a dynamic, crystal-clear way that will absolutely fascinate you.  
Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, Ph.D

T r o j a n  H o r s e s

Counterfeit Revivals, the Emergent Church and the New Spirituality Movements MP3 Video
1  True Revival: What It Is and What It's Not Listen Watch
2 True Spirituality: The Walk of Holiness Listen Watch
3 Post Modernism & Emergent Church Listen Watch
4 The New Revivals & the New Spiritualities Listen Watch
5 New Spiritual Warfare: Prayer Warriors, Prayer Walks, & Prayer Offensives   Watch

Ancient Future: Which Way To Revival & Spirituality

Listen Watch
F a i t h f u l  U n t o  D e a t h MP3 Handout
1 Making Tough Choices - What Should I do Listen
2 Count the Cost - What it Takes to Be A True Disciple Listen
3 True To Principle - Standing for the Right Though the Heavens Fall Listen
4 Wisdom From the Post - What Does the Good Book Say Listen
Dr. Samuel Pipim
S i g n s  a n d  W o n d e r s MP3 Handout
1 The Gospel of Power Listen
2 What the Spirit is Behind the Power Encounters Listen
3 The Truth About Pentecost Listen
4 Speaking in Tongues Listen
5 Signs and Wonders, and Miraculous Healings Listen
6 Dreams, Visions, and Prophecies Listen
7 Prayer Warriors, Prayer Walks, and Prayer Offensive Listen
8 "Waves" of the Spirit Listen
Dr. Samuel Pipim

C h a r g e   t o   N e w   L e a d e r s

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Don't Betray the Trust

Order Listen Watch
Special Presentations Order Audio Video
1  Tell What Now? - An ASI Presentation Order   Watch
2  No Compromise - A Michigan Men of Faith Presentation Order   Watch
"This Mind" Order Audio Video
1   What's Wrong With Our Mind? Order   Watch
2   What Kind of Mind is This?" Order   Watch
3    A Transformed Mind? Order   Watch
Dr. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

T h e  P o w e r  o f  O n e

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  Just One - Three Part Set Order    
1 Just One Thing Order Listen N/A
2 Just One Cause Order Listen N/A
3 Just One Person Order Listen N/A
Dr. Pipim

O h  G o d , W h y

Order Audio Video
  Oh God, Why - Five Part Set Order    
1 What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do Order Listen Watch
2 What to Do When the Unthinkable Happens Order Listen Watch
3 What to Do When Sorely Tired Order Listen Watch
4 What to Do When Hope is Crushed Order Listen Watch
5 What to Do When God Seems to Forsake Us Order Listen Watch

Biblical Holiness - A Guide for Sinners

Order Audio Video
1 Dr. Samuel Pipim - UNKNOWN BE: The Surprising Confusion About Holiness Order


2 Philip W. Dunham - EASY BE: The Incredible Simplicity of Salvation Order Listen N/A
3 Philip W. Dunham - CLEAN BE: The Liberating Experience of Forgiveness Order Listen N/A
4 Dr. Samuel Pipim - KILLER BE: The Deadly Enemy of Holiness Order Listen N/A
5 P. Dunham - CONFIDENT BE: Our Unshakeable Assurance in the Judgment Order Listen N/A
6 Dr. Samuel Pipim - VICTORIOUS BE: The Splendor & Joy of Holiness Order Listen N/A
L e t ' s   B e   R e a l Order Audio Video

 The Danger of Superficial Faith

  Listen Watch
P r e s s   O n Order Audio  
1 You Are the Answer   Listen
2 Press On - Toward the Mark   Listen
The Cure for Cancer of the Soul Order Audio Video
1 Humility of Christ Order Listen Watch
2 Surrender Your Rights Order Listen  
3 The Faith of Jesus Order Listen  
4 Cancer of the Soul Order Listen  
H i g h e r   T h a n  T h e   H i g h e s t - The Call To Excellence Order Audio Video
        Higher than the Highest (Seven part set) Order  
The Challenge to Excellence - Shine Like Gold
Order Listen  
2 The Necessity of Excellence - I Love My Master Order Listen  
3 The Prize of Excellence - The Price for the Prize Order Listen  
4 Personal Time with Dr. Pipim - Talk Time with the Students Order Listen  
5 The Witness of Excellence - Testimonies from Students Order Listen  
6 The Way of Excellence -  A Winsome Lifestyle Order Listen Watch
7 The Pursuit to Excellence - Higher Than the Highest Order Listen Watch
T h i s   i s   L o v e  (Click Here for the Book) Order Audio  
         This is Love (Five part set) Order  
1  What is Love? Order  
2  The Beauty of Love Order  
3  The Heart of Love Order  
4  The Experience of Love Order  
5  The Pain of Love Order  
B a t t l i n g   B a f f l e s   A b o u t  t h e   B i b l e Order Audio  
        Battling Baffles About the Bible (Five part set) Order  
1  The Real Conspiracy About the Bible Order Listen
2  How the Critics Confuse You Order Listen
3  The "Missing" Bible Books: The Apocrypha, Gnostic … Order Listen
4  "Mistakes" in the Bible: Manuscripts, Bible Versions,.. Order Listen
5  “Contradictions” and Discrepancies in the Bible Order Listen
R h y t h m ' s   o f   G r a c e Order Audio  
         Rhythm's of Grace (Four part set) Order  
1  Time of Blessing Order Listen
2  Your Special Date Order Listen
3  The Love Connection Order Listen
4  Test of Loyalty Order Listen

              Join us as Dr. Pipim shows us how to live our lives to the fullest, without fear. 

L i v i n g   w i t h o u t   F e a r Order MP3

Order the Complete Set

1 Living without the Fear of WORRY Order Listen
2 Living without the Fear of TOMORROW Order Listen
3 Living without the Fear of TODAY'S GLOBAL CRISES Order Listen
4 Living without the Fear of LOSING YOUR HEALTH Order Listen
5 Living without the Fear of BROKEN HEARTS & HOMES Order Listen
6 Living Without Fear Sermon - WHEN GRACE IS FORGOTTEN Order Listen
7 Living without the Fear of UNSEEN SUPERNATURAL FORCES Order Listen
8 Living without the Fear of DEATH Order Listen
9 Living without Fear - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Order Listen
10 Living without the Fear of FAILURE Order Listen

L O R D ,  S E N D   A   R E V I V A L

Order Audio Video
1 The Contours of Revival - The Nature of True and False Revivals Order   Watch
 2 The Heart of Revival - The Place of Love in Revival Order   Watch
3 The Experience of Revival - The Why, How & What of Revival Order   Watch
4 The Transforming Power of Revival - Testimonies of Students Order   Watch
 5 The Purpose of Revival - The Biblical Reason for Revival & What It Takes Order   Watch
Title Order  

      Where Are All the Men           


        Don't Worry 

W i n d s   o f   D o c t r i n e Order  
1 David Grams - Survey of Controversial Issues Order
 2 David Grams - Drama: Boon or Boondoggle Order
3 David Grams - The Education Dilemma  Order
4 Samuel Pipim - Creation and Evolution Order
5 Samuel Pipim - Homosexuality in the Church  Order




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